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RP Log - Kajimoto Takahisa & Yukimura Seiichi 
06:48pm 16/06/2006
  Characters: Kajimoto and Yukimura
Date: After the log with Kaji and Aku
Rating: PG-13 for slight language
Summary: Sensing the events that occurred between Kajimoto and Akutsu, a very angry Yukimura checks on Kajimoto.

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Log - Momo and Mizuki 
06:02pm 15/06/2006
  Who: Momoshiro and Mizuki
What: Mm...PG? PG-13? Nothing bad
When: Recent
Why: Momoshiro calls Mizuki out for a fight and is answered

That little move I didn't see coming.Collapse )
RP Log: Kajimoto, Akutsu (and a tiny bit of Lucky) 
07:21pm 10/06/2006
  Damn I'm busy. XD

Who: Kaji 'n Jin 'n a wee bit o' Leprechaun
When: 6/7/06
What: We'll call this one a strong PG-13 because Jin's got a mouth
Why: Apparently, for a Tzimisce...revenge is sweet.

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RP Log - Kajimoto Takahisa & Yukimura Seiichi 
07:18pm 08/06/2006
  Characters: Kajimoto and Yukimura
Date: Occurs not long after the previous log.
Rating: PG-13? Vampire lovelies! >D
Summary: Sensing something wrong, Yukimura goes to look for Kajimoto and finds a very battered Ventrue. Fluff, blood bonds and such occur.

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RP Log: Kajimoto, Akutsu (and a tiny bit of Lucky) 
05:00pm 07/06/2006
  Who: Kajimoto, Akutsu, and a flyby Leprechaun at the end
When: 6/6/06, of course
What: R for blood and language
Why: The Prince's sanity has left the building.

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02:04pm 25/03/2006
  Who: Jirou and Kentarou
Where: A Karaoke bar in downtown Tokyo.
What: Ken and his friends are stumbling home drunk when his supernatural senses pick up a lonely, pretty little fox.

((Incomplete: I'm a spazz and don't seem to have the last fourth of the log. @__@ KIM! PLEASE SEND ME IT! X___X *Cries*))

Pretty foxes shouldn't have to spend the night alone!Collapse )
06:12pm 20/03/2006

Recently on the news, a man came on TV attempting to show off his Hunter powers in america. The man, a disgruntled biker Avenger, was frustrated with the world's ignorance and Cleaved a chair in two in front of a live audience and international news cameras. He had charged in on an interview with the CEO of Pentex corporation, the megaconglomerate responsible for much of today's newest modern technology and the favorite target for Were eco-terrorists (Pentex, making the future today!) screaming about how he was an unnatural monster. It was at that moment he split the chair down the middle with a seemingly invisible force. The power wasn't captured on camera as such a thing is impossible, but Hunters or anyone who know Hunters would be able to identify the usage of Cleave.

The incident was quickly covered up, labeled as a Pentex Light and Magic Studios special effects demonstration. The Hunter has not been seen and he hasn't logged into Hunter.Net since that night, he is presumed dead by any of the supernatural factions whos existence he might have revealed.

Despite the coverup and excuses, mortals worldwide have become more paranoid lately. This is compounded by several events in the supernatural world as well.

Places that are normally not considered haunting spots have suddenly been reported with unexplainable happenings. Doomsayers have redoubled their messages as of late and, most ominously, overnight a great red star has appeared in the sky of the Umbra, glaring down at the spirit world with a baleful crimson light. All werewolves and those mages versed in spirit magic will notice it, as well as the fact that no Spirit in the umbra knows what it means or where it came from.
Seeking Help - Takashi goes to see Judge Oishi 
11:20pm 10/03/2006
  It was a almost a couple of days since the Quei Jin had attacked him and Fuji. He knew that if had just been luck that allowed him to beat that creature, never believing his skills had been the factor in the win. He had spoken with a couple of hunters, letting them know about the attack in his area, and warning them about the Quei Jin eating their strength. Right now, he was closing up shop so that he could speak with one of the judges. He hoped that Judge Oishi would be able to offer him so advice or directed him to hunters that could help protect the supernatural in his area.

He had dressed in nice but normal close, not quite sure if he was under-dressed. Takashi wished he had more experience with other types of hunters. He thought about stopping by Fuji's apartment after meeting with Oishi-san. He rubbed his hands against his pants, wishing that his nerves would calm down. Nearing the judge's home, Takashi brushed out a small wrinkle on his jacket, and was glad that he had contacted Oishi-san about meeting with him. He had no idea how he would explain to the person that answer the door on why a stranger was there. He stopped at the door and pressed the doorbell, even as he tried to ignore the slight sick feeling in his stomach.
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[RP LOG - Yukimura and An] 
10:50pm 08/03/2006
  Characters: Yukimura Seiichi and Tachibana An
Rating: PG
Timeline: Backdated to Valentine's Day
Summary: An has one last treat for Seiichi before he goes off on his searches alone.

Happy Valentine's Day, SeiichiCollapse )
06:33am 01/03/2006
  Who: Niou and Kirihara
What: Just talking
When: a few weeks back
Why: Because Kirihara wanted to stay.

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Mm, log 
04:21am 01/03/2006
  Who: Momo and Mizuki
What: Sex. Of the NC-17 porny nature.
When: ... ... ...A really long time ago. Like, before the Quei Jin.
Why: Mizuki wants a snack. Momo denies him. He gets his fill somewhere else.

How about...I *don't* let the kid go, and you can *try* to kill me.Collapse )
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RP LOG: Quei Jin Attack #3 
09:29pm 22/02/2006
mood: bitchy
Who: Wakato Hiroshi and Hiyoshi Wakashi
What: PG for violence
When: Around the first Quei Jin strikes, I believe
Why: Hiyoshi's mom and brother are late for dinner.

Two Hunters off to save someone...Collapse )
RP Log: Tachibana and Fuji 
11:34pm 20/02/2006
  Who: Tachibana Kippei and Fuji Syuusuke
What: PG for some swearing, etc.
When: Backdated like whoa.
Why: Tachibana wants answers. Fuji is in a position to supply them.

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Night Club Opening 
10:57pm 11/02/2006
  Just wanted to introduce everyone to Sinpathy. The place is a renovated love hotal in Shibuya, run by Akutsu, Mizuki and Kajimoto. It fronts as a human night club/bar/S&M club, but basically is a gathering place for Vampires and other creatures of the night.

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RP Log: Kajimoto, Akutsu 
12:19am 11/02/2006
  Who: Kajimoto and Akutsu with a tiny dose of Lucky
When: Tonight, February 10
What: We'll call it PG 'cause of Jin's mouth
Why: Ventrue is fed up. Tzimisce is not helping. Conflict results.

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[RP LOG - Yukimura and An] 
08:31pm 08/02/2006
mood: content
Characters: Yukimura Seiichi and Tachibana An
Rating: PG, for blood
Timeline: Backdated to the day after An goes to Kajimoto's
Summary: An comes home sick, and Yukimura looks after her.

Vampires can be cute too ^_^Collapse )
His Master's Bidding - Akutagawa Jiroh 
04:19pm 05/02/2006
  His body ached. Having spent the past six days in sparrow form, adjusting to human form again was not at all as easy as making the transition from kitsune to human. His mind ached - there was pressure and confusion and the heavy weight of his servitude that still didn't feel right to Jiroh. If he were stronger, he imagined that eluding Atobe would not be as insurmountable a task as it seemed now. But Jiroh was not a warrior and the gifts that were his were only his because they were his destiny.

Now, though, as he padded along the city streets - cold, bone-tired and more alone than he'd ever been in his life - his gifts were the furthest things from his mind. His path had always been one of uncertainty. He knew some things just didn't change. He could feel the taint of his journey like a tangible thing. He imagined that, if he could look outside of himself, his aura would be black.

He reminded himself that all he had to do was get home. Get back without falling prey to anything or anyone else.
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RP LOG: Kajimoto Takahisa & Kisarazu Atsushi 
10:42pm 30/01/2006
  Who: Kajimoto Takahisa & Kisarazu Atsushi
Where: In a parking garage in the business district.
Summary: Atsushi was given spiked drinks at a club by people he had once thought were friends, and ends up wandering the wrong direction, in an attempt to get to his house. Passes out in a parking garage, and is found by Kajimoto~

Payback? Interesting.Collapse )
01:40pm 29/01/2006
  Who: Ji-chan and Gakkun
What: Wherein our Hollow One needs filling and he meets a clever companion, Fox and Bat hang out and look out for number one, number one is lost and a foreign influence interrupts the flow of their night, and it all ends with a bath and a nap and a promise for something more.
When: Night one of the Quei Jin invasion.
Where: A club in Shinjuku.

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Introduction - Kawamura Takashi 
09:55pm 23/01/2006
  It was far to quiet at this time of night. Usually Takashi had customers of the living and nonliving but it seem even the supernatural were staying away from the night. He sighed, moving to start closing up the shop. It looks like I'm not going to do any more business this evening. He went to the cabinet that held the cleaning supplies, pulling out a couple of towels so that he could start cleaning the counter. He cut his cell phone on, in case a Hunter needed to reach him now.

Actually, he had been hoping to see one of his favorite customers again. The young man had been one of the few customers that enjoyed the Wasabi Sushi that he would make once in a while. Wiping down the counter with a finally swipe, Takashi moved around to move the stool against the counter. Once that was done, he moved off to begin cleaning off the tables. Once I'm done, I'll check the net and see if any of the other Hunters might have information on what is going on.